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Aug 20, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, their elected governments. as for the allegation that nsa surveillance is bigger than anything in the soviet union, so is the internet which did not exist or most of the soviet union. it was a little bit of intrigue considering how much the communication standards have changed. the fact that we are talking about this they say that is utter nonsense. they crackdown in prison and psychologically drug their descendents. it is any kind of rational debate. >> you might ask what is happening in guantÁnamo bay. that has gone on ever since. you might also ask yourself the question that if britain was so keen on detaining them for the maximum period, why didn't germany do something about it? to end any public discussion about this degree of surveillance. >> i want to bring up one point, as the romans would put it, the law is harsh but it is the law. in this case, it would be the law. breaking the law is ok? these programs constitute massive sweeping systematic invasions and the right to privacy. the active public interests, it is great personal risk. they seem more interested in persecuting mr. snow
Aug 23, 2013 7:00pm PDT
the u.s. government assures us that the nsa does not gather data except it is little comfort. seeing who guards the guardians, i prefer the guardian. he is no supporter of edward snowden, but that we had to take blind faith that these secret courts are doing a good job. that is not quite enough. >> one of the horrifying aspects that they are looking at is that people can become conditioned to think that everything they do and think is being watched. that has major ethical and philosophical implications for the way people feel and the way people view themselves, it is a dangerous direction things are going. >> an addendum to that which is incredibly important, we have been finding fragments of information about private security companies and the government's fairly loosely monitored. the oversight question is where the outrage should be focused. snowden worked for a company, not for the government. i think there is one thing we should draw from this, we should learn more about the companies in the shadows. >> thank you for joining us. stay seated, before we go, we will say hello to james.
Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the spy agency misrepresented the scope of its collection. one judicial opinion from 2011 shows the nsa was given illegally -- was illegally gathering data. the agency admitted it made some mistakes. they could not separate out information that was entirely domestic. a rare interview with the president of nicaragua might daniel ortega. syria rebels claim the government has keeled -- killed discords of -- scores of people. the images are sobering. >> now for the latest on syria. opposition groups are accusing government forces of gassing hundreds near damascus. they say they fired rockets that released the deadly fumes. video shows bodies, allegedly victims of a massive chemical attack. the un security council has been holding an emergency meeting to discuss this latest attack. reporting from the u.n.. some of the following images may be distressing. >> this represents no matter what the conclusions are a serious escalation with grave consequences. >> strong words from a top u.n. official prompted a disturbing but unverified pictures like these trade after the close door session, and the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3